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These are the main features of dbdesc:

Databases support

At the moment dbdesc supports:

Support for additional databases are in development.

Data extraction

We are improving dbdesc to get more and more info from the databases. At this moment dbdesc allows you to document the following info:

Database info SQL Server MySQL Access Firebird
Table names
Table descriptions
Table dependencies
Table definitions
Field names
Field descriptions
Field types
Field size / precision
Field default values
Field allow null
Primary keys
Indexed fields
Index details
Foreign keys
Foreign keys details
Check constraints
Views names
View descriptions
Views creation/update dates
View fields
View definitions
Views dependencies
Stored procedures names
Stored procedure descriptions
Stored procedures creation/update dates
Stored procedures definitions
Stored procedures dependencies
Trigger names
Trigger descriptions
Trigger creation dates
Trigger types
Trigger active/inactive
Trigger definitions
UDF names
UDF definitions
UDF descriptions
UDF creation/update dates
UDF dependencies
User-defined data types
Database users
Object permissions
Extended properties

(1): READ permision flag must be enabled on tables MSysObjects and MSysQueries for user Admin.

Supported Currently not supported Info not available in the database

Data output

dbdesc can generate database documentation in different formats. Currently dbdesc supports PDF, RTF, HTML and Word 2003 output formats.

Take a look at some output samples.

dbdesc 4.1 available!
This version adds support for SQL Server 2014/2016 databases, improves the default templates and fixes some bugs.
Check it out now!
Need to document DTS packages too? Take a look at dtsdoc to help you document SQL Server DTS packages. Visit the product page.

Other sections

"I continue to appreciate your design of generating xml source files for the documentation, thereby separating data from display and allowing user control of the display. Even though I haven't needed it yet, knowing that I can modify the XSL files as required provides much needed comfort as I forge ahead on my current database conversion project."

Thomas J. Theimer
The Technology Partnership

"My database has 500+ tables and 3000+ stored procedures. dbDesc was super fast and provided amazing instant documentation. It's phenomenal.

Casey Ryan