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Database documentation

dbdesc is a powerful tool to help you document your databases. It can produce detailed documents describing your databases.

With dbdesc you are not tied to a specified output format or fixed look, you are in control. dbdesc uses XSLT templates to transform a XML file that holds your database description to get the final documentation. Sample XSLT templates are included to get HTML, RTF and Word 2003 files.

Now dbdesc includes a built-in report engine and report viewer to easily browse database documentation. This report can be exported to PDF.

dbdesc has been designed to be integrated in your build process (can be launched from the command line) to ensure that your database documentation is always up to date.

Have you inherited a database? Are you investing too much time documenting an ever changing database? dbdesc can help you to automatically document your databases. Try it for free!

Currently dbdesc supports the following databases:

Would you like to annotate your databases?

No problem. dbdesc includes a built-in SQL Server extended properties editor that allows you to manage extended properties as never before.

The editor allows you to manage descriptions of tables, views, stored procedures, UDF, assemblies, UDT's, parameters... Objects are grouped for easy navigation.

Take a look at the detailed features section or sample output.

An easier way to document your databases

dbdesc allows you to document your SQL Server databases automatically in three easy steps:

download dbdesc TRY IT NOW!

Need more flexibility?

Individual object selection

dbdesc allows you to exclude/include not only full object categories (tables, views, SP, UDF...) but individual objects too.

Built-in SQL Server extended properties editor

dbdesc includes a buil-in extended properties editor that allows you to easily annotate your databases. You can add descriptions to every database object including stored procedure and UDF parameters, tables, views, columns, indices, etc.

Fully customizable output

dbdesc uses XSL templates to parse the documentation and get the final output. dbdesc comes with 5 predesigned templates to get database documentation in HTML, XML, PDF, RTF or Word 2003 file formats. You can customize this templates or build your own from scratch.

Full command-line inteface

dbdesc can be launch from the command line. This allows you to scheduled when do you want to get your databases documented. Many customers are already using dbdesc command-line interface to integrate database documentation in their build process.

Start documenting your databases in seconds

You can try dbdesc right now. No registration needed. This is a full featured working version of dbdesc. If you find dbdesc useful, please register your copy.

dbdesc 4.1 available!
This version adds support for SQL Server 2014/2016 databases, improves the default templates and fixes some bugs.
Check it out now!
Need to document DTS packages too? Take a look at dtsdoc to help you document SQL Server DTS packages. Visit the product page.

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"DBDESC is absolutely fantastic. I went through about half a dozen alternatives before I found your version and it was the only one that did what we needed to get done. The extended properties extraction was the feature that gave this software the edge in my opinion. Absolutely fantastic implementation, fast, powerful and user friendly.

I have no reservations in recommending it to anyone who needs to document a SQL Server 05 database."

Dennis Apelt
Intelligent Document Solutions