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PDF Database Documentation Improved and Oracle Support: Dbdesc 4.0

After some time in maintenance mode, I’m happy to announce that dbdesc v. 4.0 is ready! You can download it from here:

DownloadDownload dbdesc 4.0

This new version comes with two major features and several bug fixes. The most obvious feature is that dbdesc supports Oracle databases now. However it is still in beta. I don’t usually work with Oracle so, even though I’ve tested it against every Oracle database I’ve found, it might still have some bugs. If you find one, please send me an email and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

This version also improves the PDF output. It finally has working links and a PDF index (bookmarks) so now is very easy to navigate the PDF documentation. It also fixes the ‘OutOfMemory’ bug when generating very large documents 3000+ pages.

I really hope you like this version. As always, I look forward to your comments about this version and what you’d like to see in future versions.

PDF Database documentation output