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Fixing SUSPECT 'Msdb' Database

A old client call me today. My app was raising the following error:

> Database 'msdb' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery.

The recommended way to recover from this is to restore a backup. Of course, we didn’t have a backup.

Another way is to put the database in EMERGENCY and SINGLE USER and run DBCC, but something was very wrong with this database as I couldn’t move it from SUSPECT.

I finally managed to fix it by grabbing a copy of the msdblog and msdbdata files from another system and overwrite them on the customer computer.

You’ll need to stop de SQL Server service first. It worked just fine. I could make a backup of the important databases in this instance and move from there.

Might not be the right way to solve this problem, but it save the day.

Hope it helps.